About Always Greater

Always Greater is getting updated

Stay tuned. But in case you're interested in who runs this website, I'm David Fonvielle, the creator of Always Greater.

David Fonvielle

David Fonvielle, Picture Taken in 2010

Some Background Information

  • I was born in New York
  • I was raised in Costa Rica and Brazil
  • I moved to Texas for middle school and high school
  • I graduated magna cum laude from Duke University with a B.A. in Public Policy
  • I have an M.A. in Philosophy from University College London with a distinction in Philosophy of Science

Why I Created Always Greater

I created Always Greater, because in 2006 I started creating systems to change the way I thought and felt about things, and the experience was one of the most powerful, liberating, transformative experiences of my entire life.

This inspired me in 2011 to start teaching my systems to others here on Always Greater.


You can contact David Fonvielle at: dave AT alwaysgreater DOT com