Overcoming Negative Thinking With Repetition

by David Fonvielle

Adewale Ademuyiwa runs a website called Stresstherapist, which helps people overcome things like stress, anxiety, and depression.

Since I'm also interested in helping people overcome these types of things by helping them improve their thinking, I was especially interested in an article he wrote about how to successfully overcome negative thinking.

In it, he details a 4 step approach to eliminating negative thoughts, and uses the following negative thought example: "I am so stupid".

A different approach to eliminating negative thoughts

As Adewale says in his article, there are different approaches you can take to eliminating negative thoughts.

In his 4 step approach, he advocates repeating a more positive thought whenever a negative thought pops up, in order to build new neural pathways in your brain.

So with his approach, repetition is his way of rewiring the brain to think more positively.

The effects of thinking "I'm so stupid"

In his article, Adewale addresses the negative thought "I'm so stupid".

If you think about it, the thought "I'm so stupid" is an extremely stressful negative thought. After all, if you think this kind of a thought, you will naturally suffering the following kinds of negative effects:

  • Lower self esteem
  • Lower self confidence
  • More stress and anxiety (you feel less capable of handling things, when you think you're stupid)
  • Feeling worse about yourself (and more likely to be depressed)

So definitely, this is a great example of a negative thought to stop thinking. Once you do that, that you will feel better immediately.

All that matters is that you change your thinking

If you use the Positive Thinking Tool, then you know that I use a slightly different strategy for replacing negative thinking with more positive thinking. 

The idea with the Positive Thinking Tool is that by taking some time to consider the effects of different thoughts, and why it makes complete sense to think a more positive thought than a negative thought, you can rewire your brain to think more positively very quickly.

Bottom line, though, all that matters is that you change your thinking, so use whatever strategy works best for you for changing your thinking.

So check out Adewale's article on how to get rid of negative thinking, and see how you can use his steps to get rid of negative thoughts faster and easier.