SEO Keyword Tool Hero: Boost Search Traffic

by David Fonvielle

When I built this Always Greater website, I built an SEO keyword tool just for this website to help me optimize it for search engine traffic.

I have released a free, lighter version of this tool to the public that anyone can use. It's called the SEO Keyword Tool Hero.

What is the SEO Keyword Tool Hero?

The SEO Keyword Tool Hero is a very simple tool that helps you make sure you get your keywords on the page. That's it.

Have you ever wanted to include a bunch of keywords in an article and then wondered whether you got them in there or not? This tool gives you the answer to that question very quickly and easily.

If you use the advanced options for the tool, you can also check whether you got your keywords in the meta title, meta description, url, and h1 tags on your page.

What do I do now?

You can read more about the SEO Keyword Tool Hero if you want (although there's not much more to know about it!), or you can just go ahead and try it, and see what you think.

Again, it's completely free.

Hopefully, this tool will be a useful resource that helps you get more traffic to your website.