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David Fonvielle

David Fonvielle, Picture Taken in 2010

Since founding Always Greater, David Fonvielle has helped thousands of people think more positively with the Positive Thinking Course, as well as with 3 online tools he developed: the Positive Thinking Tool, Feel Good Tool, and Daily Happiness Tool. Learn more.

David is passionate about helping people learn how to improve their thinking, since this is something he taught himself how to do years ago, and it completely changed his life.

He has a B.A. from Duke University, and an M.A. from University College London.

You can contact him at [email protected]

Positive Thinking for Smart People: Be Happier Today

Reduce stress and anxiety & increase confidence and happiness by changing your thinking

  • Learn how to get rid of negative thoughts & how to stop being negative about things
  • Learn how to have a positive attitude & how to be more positive naturally and automatically
  • Bonus: for a limited time get the Positive Thinking Tool for free (a $20 value) when you take this course

Section 1: Positive Thinking 101   Free

Section 2: Change Your Thinking & Change Your Life   Get Access

  1. How to think positively & stay positive: 6 steps
  2. How to rewire your brain to think positive
  1. How to stop being negative: 6 steps

Section 3: Get The Positive Thinking Tool For Free   Get Access

  1. Get the Positive Thinking Tool for free

Section 4: How To Change Your Thinking Step By Step (Part 1)   Get Access

  1. How to think more positively: the 1st & most important step
  2. Negative thoughts: how to identify negative thinking
  3. Why knowing the effects of negative thinking helps you
  1. How to stop negative thinking: 3 keys for negative thoughts
  2. How to clear your mind of negative thoughts (even if they're true)

Section 5: How To Change Your Thinking Step By Step (Part 2)   Get Access

  1. How to change negative thoughts into positive thoughts: 2 ways
  2. How to overcome negative thoughts: don't forget this step
  3. How to avoid negative thoughts in the future
  1. How to be a more positive person & enjoy these benefits
  2. How to remain positive the smart way

Positive Thinking Course


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