The Importance Of Believing You Can Fly

by David Fonvielle

Christine from wrote an article titled "Overcoming Negative Thoughts & Learning To Fly"

In the article, she wrote about how she was running a race, and how negative thinking made it more challenging for her to run. Then, when she started thinking more positively, it became easier for her to run and finish the race, and she also felt better physically too.

It's a great story about the power of changing your thinking and the effect it has on your life.

She also provides some tips on how to think more positively, and I found the last tip to be especially important.

Believe you can fly

At the very end of her article, Christine says:

If you don’t believe you can fly/run/swim/bike/yoga/etc., of course you’re going to have a hard time achieving your goals and you’ll likely fail. It sounds silly but if you don’t believe in the impossible, it never will be possible.

She says it sounds silly, but it's not silly at all! Instead, it's an important insight.

Consider the following example: if you think you can't run, you have less confidence in yourself and your abilities, and you have no motivation at all to even try to run, since you think you can't do it.

With no self confidence and no motivation, the predictable result is that you won't even try to run. In this way, the thought that you can't do something becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, which prevents you from achieving things you might want to achieve.

For this reason, it's very important that you eliminate thoughts of "can't" and replace them with thoughts of "can" to achieve your goals faster and easier.

What if you didn't doubt your abilities?

What if the thought "I can't run" never crossed your mind, not even once? What if the only thought you ever had was, "I know without a doubt I can run"?

With this kind of thought, you naturally have way more self confidence, and you're also more motivated to run, since you believe without a doubt that you can do this.

More self confidence + more motivation = more success achieving your goals with running.

This, in a nutshell, is where the power in beliving you can fly comes from.

Achieve this strong self confidence in 5 minutes

With the Positive Thinking Tool, you can easily change your thinking very quickly, so it never again crosses your mind to think a thought like "I can't run", and instead, you naturally and automatically always think a more positive thought like "I can definitely run".

Here's what you do.

When you use the tool, specify that you want to stop thinking negatively & think more positively about: "Myself and my capabilities"

In order to: "Find it easier to achieve my goals"

Then, enter the biggest "can't" thought that you're struggling with that's preventing you from achieving your goals, like the thought "I can't run". 

You'll be guided through the steps of how to rewire your brain so that you automatically think a more positive thought like "I can definitely run", and you never again struggle with a "can't" negative thought that works against you.

The overall result is that you naturally find it easier to run and become a more successful runner, almost as if by "magic".

Change your thinking & achieve your fitness goals faster

The overall point here is that the more you believe you can achieve things you want to achieve, the more you'll have success achieving them.

Christine's article did a nice job of demonstrating how your thoughts affect your ability to achieve things you want to achieve, such as your fitness goals.

So check out her tips for overcoming negative thoughts to see how they can help you change your thinking and your life for the better.