How To Handle Rejection: Your Real Problem & How To Solve It

by David Fonvielle

Learn more about how to handle rejection, by first understanding your real problem with being rejected. Want more? Learn how to overcome rejection in 2 hours with an online course on rejection.

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Below is a transcript of the video on how to handle rejection. It teaches you how to first understand your real problem with being rejected, so that you can then go about solving your problem with rejection. 

Hello everyone. Welcome to this lesson which is going to address your biggest problem with rejection and how to solve it.

Just so you know your biggest problem with rejection is not being rejected. In fact your biggest problem with rejected is just how rejection affects you -- the way you feel when you experience rejection, like if you experience pain, anger, or sadness or are afraid of being rejected in the future.

This is what is causing a problem for you. This is what is having a negative effect on your life, not the rejection itself. To understand this, imagine if every time you were rejected you didn't feel pain, sadness, or anger. You don't feel bad at all and saddened. Instead, you felt great and fine.

And similarly by feeling fine you didn't dwell on rejection when it happened, so you moved on from it fast and as a result of this you never even really thought about rejection. It didn't cross your mind. You weren't worried or anxious about it at all because you knew you'd be like: if it happens it happens. I'll just deal with it and move on.

So with this kind of a reaction to rejection, rejection wouldn't be a problem for you in the slightest.

It's not that rejection wouldn't happen anymore. Tt's just that if it did happen it just wouldn't be an issue and you wouldn't be concerned about it.

Okay, now this is brings us to what is going to be your biggest real problem with rejection -- which is the sense that you can't help how you feel.

Because you might completely agree with me and say I know if I didn't feel pain or hurt her sadness whenever I felt rejected, and if I wasn't concerned about it, you're right, rejection would not be a problem for me, but guess what, I feel like I just can't help how I feel. This is just how I react when I get rejected, and this is just how I am in social situations, where I'm just worrying about rejection.

I just can't really do anything about it to help how sad or angry I feel whenever I experience it, and I really helpless to do anything to stop worrying about it. This is a this is where all the stress and mental torment is coming from.

So, yes, you're hitting the nail on the head. This is what makes rejection such a big problem and so stressful to people.

It's because not only is the common reaction there that you feel bad, and you feel hurt and angry and afraid of others rejecting you, but you also feel helpless to do anything about it. So with rejection there's this idea that there's going to be guaranteed pain and that you're helpless to do anything about that.

And this is what makes rejection so scary and terrifying for most people.

The good news for you is that this course is going to completely solve your problem with rejection.

To be clear it's not about you taking this course and you will never get rejected again, instead you're only going to get accepted.

It's not about that.

Instead, it's about from now on when you're rejected you won't have this negative reaction to rejection. You're not worried about it, so that's why it's not a problem for you.

In this course you're goint to learn step by step how to do this so that you change the way you feel about rejection, so that if and when rejection occurs, instead of feeling pain, anger, sadness, hurt, or fear -- you know, all those common regular reactions to rejection -- instead of feeling that way, you'll feel more calm, relaxed, and fine so you're going to be a happier, more confident, more successful person in every way just because rejection will no longer be in issue or a problem for you.

It's not something you're going to be worried about or fixated about in social situations.

And when you think of past times you've been rejected in your life, instead of feeling a sharp pain or anger, you'll feel calm and relaxed.

And whenever rejection occurs, instead of dwelling on it for days, you can move on from it really fast, within minutes, so in all these ways this course is going to completely solve your problem with rejection so that you feel fine and comfortable whenever you're rejected, so that you're not worried about it anymore, and you don't even think about rejection.

So look forward to all this happening and I look forward to seeing you in the next lesson at the course.