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What makes people happy in life: 7 things to make you happy

I don't know how to make myself happy. What do I need to do? How can I make myself happy again when I am down?

Click on each of the factors affecting happiness in life to learn more about what makes you happy in everyday life and why. 

Doing these 7 things daily is how to make yourself a happier person and stay happy consistently.

1. No negative thinking (or negative thinking replaced with positive thinking)

Negative thoughts naturally make you feel bad, make it more challenging for you to achieve things you want to achieve, and add negative value to your life in general. 

So when you get rid of negative thoughts, you immediately improve your life and feel better, because you:

  • Don't feel as bad, sad, or depressed
  • Don't have thoughts that actively work against you and hinder you from achieving things you want to achieve
  • Eliminate a lot of negative value in your life

To understand how being free of negative thinking naturally makes you happier all the time, think of it this way: when you have a headache, you naturally feel bad and miserable. And the moment the headache goes away, you naturally feel a lot better. 

It's the same thing with negative thinking. By not thinking negatively (or taking steps to eliminate negative thinking) you immediately feel a lot better just by not experiencing such misery and pain!

For this reason, getting rid of negative thinking is one of the most important factors for becoming happier and staying happy. 


If you catch yourself thinking negatively, use the AG Positive Thinking Tool to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. (You can always type in "general" into the tool to replace negative thinking with positive thinking in general.)

If you've thought negatively during the day, as long as you've replaced negative thinking with positive thinking at least once, give yourself credit for doing so, as you've done something powerful and important for becoming happier.

2. Positive thinking enjoyed

By eliminating negative thinking, you naturally eliminate sadness, pain, and depression from your life. But to actually feel happy (instead of just "not feeling bad"), you've got to see something of positive value to enjoy. 

For this reason, positive thinking is the most important key to happiness, since seeing positive value of some kind is ultimately what creates feelings of happiness. 

In addition to making you feel happier, positive thinking will also:

  • Help you feel better overall
  • Help you achieve the things you want to achieve (for example, by energizing and motivating you, and making you more confident)
  • Add more positive value to your life in general (so that there is more for you to be happier about!)

Bottom line, thinking more positively naturally improves your life in every way and makes you happier. So to become happier and stay happy, be sure to think positively every day. 

This, ultimately, is how to make yourself feel happy, so it's extremely important to do.


Just thinking one positive thought (any positive thought!) is enough to give yourself credit for doing something to become happier

You can use the AG Positive Thinking Tool to help you think more positively every day, if you want. In addition, here's a great "trick" for thinking at least one positive thought daily.

How to be positive and happy every day

  1. Every day, see positive value in what you've done to achieve greater happiness (like taking Omega 3 or getting sunlight, for example)
  2. Accept that positive value as good enough for you to be pleased and satisfied with it

This a very useful "trick" for happiness, because it does so many beneficial things for you at once. By taking these steps:

  • You think more positively, by seeing positive value in what you're doing to become happier (so you get credit for thinking positively)
  • You naturally feel happy about what you're doing to become happier (so you already feel happy about something!)
  • And by seeing something positive that you've done and achieved, you already feel a sense of accomplishment and feel more successful

So there you have it: you now have a very easy way to think positively every day, that will immediately help you become happier and stay happy. 

3. Omega 3 taken

About 60% of your brain is fat, and its cell membranes are composed of fatty acids. 

So omega 3 fatty acids are brain food (literally!), and by getting plenty of omega 3: 

  • You create a happier, stronger brain
  • Your brain function naturally improves
  • And this results in a happier, stronger, better-functioning you

Now, if you stop thinking negatively and mostly think positive thoughts, and at the same time you improve your brain function with omega 3 fatty acids... 

The result is that you create a happy supercomputer: it's a brain that thinks more positively, and processes happier thoughts faster and easier, so that you enjoy feeling happy super fast. 

This is exactly what you want to do if you want to become happy fast and stay happy consistently. To do this, get a sufficient amount of omega 3 fatty acids every day.


In "The Depression Cure", Dr. Stephen Ilardi recommends taking omega 3 supplements that:

  • are molecularly distilled
  • combine EPA and DHA in a 2:1 ratio
  • provide enough EPA and DHA so that you can get at least 1,000 mg of EPA and 500 mg of DHA daily

Whatever amount of Omega 3 you take (and whether you get it in your diet or in a supplement), give yourself credit for taking Omega 3 if you believe you've gotten enough to create a beneficial impact.

After all, taking Omega 3 is what makes your brain happy fast, so it's a great thing to do to make yourself happier.

Dr . Stephen Ilardi is not affiliated with Always Greater in any way. 

Be sure to consult with your doctor before taking any supplements. 

4. Sunlight absorbed

Have you ever seen a plant (like a flower) bending towards the sunlight to get as much light as it can? This is because sunlight nourishes it. 

Even though you're not a  plant, sunlight nourishes you as well: 

  • It helps produce serotonin (a chemical associated with elevated mood and greater happiness; some people think of it as a chemical that makes you happy)
  • It sets off a process that changes cholesterol into Vitamin D (a hormone that greatly improves overall well-being)
  • The result is that you naturally feel better and happier after exposure to sunlight

You might have heard of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). The basic idea, here, is that when people don't get as much sunlight (like, for example, due to shorter hours of sunlight in winter), they tend to be less happy and be more prone to sadness.

But the inverse is also true: when people get sunlight, they tend to feel better and be happier. And now you know of at least 2 reasons why this is the case. 

So to be happier and stay happy consistently, be sure to get some exposure to sunlight every day.


Just a little bit of sunlight goes a long way. If you've gotten and least 5 minutes of sunlight during the day, go ahead and give yourself credit for it

If you want to use a light box, that counts, too. 

Be smart and take measures to protect your skin (for example, wear sunscreen). 

5. Exercise achieved

Whenever you've exercised -- even if it's as simple as going out for a walk -- you might have noticed that you felt better afterwards and been able to think more clearly.

Indeed, if you've ever taken a walk "to clear your mind", it's more than just a turn of phrase; walking literally helps you clear your mind and feel better, because any form of exercise: 

  • Increases your blood flow and circulation of oxygen to the brain (creating a happier brain, as well as greater clarity of mind)
  • Increases production of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which is a protein that, among other things, reverses the effects of stress and depression on the brain 
  • Increases production of serotonin, dopamine, and other chemicals associated with happiness and elevated moods
  • And on and on and on (there are so many benefits of exercise, and how it helps make you happier, both through direct and indirect ways, that there are too many to mention)

And here's the beauty of it: just a little bit of exercise goes a very long way. You don't have to exercise much at all to feel happier as a result. 

Have you ever gone on a quick five or ten minute walk and immediately felt better and happier as a result? If so, you've already proven to yourself how quickly just a little bit of exercise can benefit you. 

The lesson: get some exercise every day (even if it's just 5 or 10 minutes!) to become happier and stay happy consistently. 


For happiness purposes, just a little bit of exercise goes a long way. 

Even if you've only taken a 10 minute walk, go ahead and give yourself credit for doing some exercise that will help you become happier and stay happy.

6. Social interaction enjoyed

Most human beings want to enjoy connections and interactions with other human beings, because for most people, these types of interactions make life more meaningful, enjoyable, worthwhile, and just plain fun, in general.

Indeed, a social life is so important to most people that solitary confinement is often considered an extreme form of punishment, and even torture.

Now, is it possible to not socially interact with others and still be happy?

Yes, of course it is! You are fully capable of being alone and being happy. And if you're a misanthrope and hate the rest of humanity, for whatever reason, then maybe you would be even happier being by yourself all the time.

But the main point, here, is that if (like most people), you want to enjoy some form of connection with others, then enjoyable social interactions:

  • Are inherently and naturally rewarding
  • Make life more meaningful, worthwhile, and fun for you
  • And as a result, you are naturally a much happier person

Have you ever felt sad, depressed, or in a bad mood, and then immediately felt a lot better, just by connecting for a few minutes with a friend?

If so, you've already proven to yourself how powerful and beneficial social interactions can be for you. Indeed, even something as simple as a brief phone call can make a big, positive difference in how you feel. 

So take advantage of this, and make enjoyable social interactions a daily part of your life to feel happier faster and stay happy consistently.

Surround yourself with people that make you happy and experience the difference this makes.


For happiness purposes, even just a very brief, enjoyable social interaction is beneficial and helps you become happier. 

So if you've had a social interaction that you enjoyed, give yourself credit for it, no matter how brief it was. (It doesn't even have to be in person. For example, a phone call counts.)

7. Restful sleep enjoyed the night before (at least 7 hours)

The better rested you, the more you:

  • Enjoy greater energy, tend to feel better overall, and also find it easier to face life's challenges
  • Enjoy greater clarity of mind (instead of a muddled, foggy mind)
  • Find it easier to think positively and enjoy the benefits of positive thinking (feeling better overall + greater clarity of mind = much easier to think positively)
  • Are naturally a much happier person in every way as a result

Just think about it. 

Whenever you wake up exhausted, after very little sleep, don't you tend to naturally be more irritable, and find it a lot more challenging to get things done? 

And if you're consistently deprived of sleep, don't you tend to feel awful? (Indeed, for this reason, sleep deprivation is considered an extreme form of torture, since it can make a person feel so miserable, awful, and depressed so quickly.)

Inversely, whenever you wake up fully refreshed and rested, after a great night's sleep, don't you tend to naturally be in a good mood, and find it much easier to get things done?  

If so, you've already proven to yourself how a good night's sleep has such a powerful impact on your happiness as well as success in life. 

The lesson: to become happy & stay happy consistently, be sure to get plenty of sleep every night. 


There is no firm consensus on how much sleep to get every night. 

Lots of doctors recommend 8 hours of sleep. For happiness purposes, however, if you get at least 7 hours of sleep the night before, give yourself credit for getting enough sleep to help make you happier and keep you happier. 

If you find that 7 hours isn't enough to leave you refreshed and energized, make sure you get more sleep, so that you get the results you want. 

The 2 most important things to do to make you happy every day

Out of this list of things that make you happy, what are the most important things that will make me happy right now?

By far, out of this list of small, simple things in life that make you happy, the two most important things to do to make yourself happy are:

  1. No negative thinking (or replacing negative thinking with positive thinking)
  2. Thinking positive thoughts

The reason for this is that, overall, improving your thinking is the most important factor for becoming happy, since all the other happiness factors won't help you become happy unless you eliminate negative thoughts (stop feeling bad) and think more positive thoughts (see positive value to enjoy and be happy about).

The value of the other 5 ways to make yourself happy

If out of the seven things that make me happy, changing my thoughts are the two most important things, then what is the benefit of the other five things to make me happy?

Even though the ultimate key to happiness is stop thinking negatively, and to enjoy more positive thoughts instead, the other 5 happiness factors are still very important for becoming happier and staying happy consistently. 

Here's why. 

5 things that make it easier to think positively

Omega 3, sunlight, exercise, sleep, and enjoyable social interactions each make you feel better in different ways, and this makes it easier for you to eliminate negative thoughts and think more positively.

For example, let's say that you negatively think that life is awful and worthless. The result is that you naturally feel unhappy and miserable.

Then you lie in the sun, and you feel good soaking up the sunshine, and you begin thinking that life isn't so bad after all. Maybe there's some good things about life, now that you think about it.

In such a way, feeling good in the sunshine helps you eliminate negative thinking and think more positively, and this, in turn, helps you feel happy.

The lesson: doing 5 things that naturally make you feel better also naturally makes it easier for you to think positively and be happier.

5 things that help spark and fuel happiness

Not only do omega 3, sunlight, exercise, enjoyable social interactions, and restful sleep all make it easier for you to think more positively and light that happiness spark...

But once you're happy, these 5 things are fuel for happiness and make you even happier. They're like throwing gas and firewood onto the flame of happiness, and turning it into a powerful, roaring bonfire. 

For example, you might already be happy, but thinking more clearly after taking omega 3 and being super rested after a great night's sleep makes you even happier.

Also, getting exercise, sunlight, and enjoying the company of friends will make you even happier than that.

The lesson: not only do these 5 things make it easier for you to think more positively, which is an essential key to happiness, but they also help you become happier and happier in leaps and bounds very quickly. 

The combined power of the 7 things that will make you happy

Out of these things I can do to make myself happy, which things make me happy the fastest? How do I make myself happy again quickly?

Individually, each of the 7 things that make you happy contribute to you becoming happier. But, together, they reinforce one another and become more powerful, thereby having a stronger effect on how happy you are. 

For example, after a great night's sleep, it's easier to think more positively, and the more positively you think and the better rested you are, the more you naturally enjoy social interactions and find it easier to exercise.

Due to this amplification effect, doing just 2 or 3 of these things that make you happier will provide you with some good, solid results. But doing all 7 of these things in combination will give you phenomenal results and is what makes you feel happy super fast. 

This means that the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to become happier and stay happy consistently is to daily do a combination of all 7 things. 

How to make yourself happier with very little effort

I know that I am the only one who can make myself happy. But I'm kind of lazy. What do I need to do to make myself happy by barely lifting a finger?

Here's some great news: it doesn't take much effort at all to combine these 7 little things in life that make you happy and to see a big improvement in how you feel. 

For example, you could wake up after a great night's sleep, take a ten minute walk in the sunshine with a friend in the morning, take your omega 3 supplements while you're walking, and see a lot of positive value in all the things you've already done and achieved to make yourself happier...

And if you haven't thought negatively, that means you've already done all 7 things that make you feel happy in just 10 minutes!

Let that sink in: you can make yourself a ton happier every day, in just ten minutes (10 minutes!), just by doing a combination of simple, little things that will have a big impact on your happiness. 

This is not just happiness made easy. This happiness made extremely easy. The formula is simple: do what makes you happy, and become happy super fast.

Don't believe it? Just do these things proven to make you happy every day for a week, give yourself credit for everything you've done, and see how happy you feel. You've got nothing to lose, and everything in the world to gain, with very little effort at all. 

Only you can make yourself happy, so start right now by giving yourself credit for what you've done to become happier today.

How to make yourself happy when you are depressed

But I'm sad and depressed, and I can't make myself happy no matter what I do. Will doing these 7 things really help me get rid of depression and be happy again?


Yes, yes, yes!

What makes you happy when you're depressed is doing things that can make you happy fast.

So, if you're depressed, the best thing you could possibly do for yourself is to create a positive lifestyle change, where you regularly do these 7 little things that make you happy in a big way and keep you happy. This is how to overcome depression naturally, without any medication at all, and stay happy and depression-free. 

In less than 1 week, you can become much happier, just by doing these 7 things to make yourself happy. See for yourself.

Start, right now, by giving yourself credit for whatever you've done to become happy today, and save your happiness achievements every day for the next week. 

By doing this, not only will you be happier and be enjoying getting rid of depression naturally, but you'll also have proof that what you do affects how you feel, and that you have the wonderful ability to become happy and depression-free.

How To Achieve Happiness & Stay Happy Consistently