How To Achieve Happiness Easily: Track Your Happiness Achievements

How To Use the AG Happiness Tool

What I've done to achieve happiness in life

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What is happiness and how do you achieve it?

What do you think is important in achieving happiness? What are the keys to achieve true happiness quickly and naturally, without drugs or medication?

Happiness is an enjoyable, positive emotion that is primarily created by not thinking negatively, and thinking more positively, instead.

However, there are 5 other happiness factors that will also help you achieve greater happiness faster and easier.

Ultimately, achieving happiness is simply a matter of doing these seven things that make you happy every day. 

Why is happiness so hard to achieve?

Achieving happiness in life is hard for me. How can we achieve happiness without it being so hard to do?

The two main reasons people struggle with being happy is that:

  1. People don't know what makes them happy (it's naturally much more challenging to be happy if you don't understand what factors are important to achieve happiness)
  2. People are not aware of what they're doing (or not doing) to make themselves happier

This second point is particularly interesting, because it means that even if you understand what makes you happy, and you fully want to be happy, you might struggle with achieving a happier life simply by not being aware of what you're doing or not doing to achieve happiness in life every day!

This dilemma is similar to a person who fully understands that too many calories leads to weight gain, and yet he struggles with his weight primarily due to not being aware of how many calories (or not) he's consuming every day. 

The solution: track what you're doing every day to become happier and stay happy consistently. (You can think of this as tracking your daily happiness achievements.)

How to achieve long lasting happiness more easily with the AG Happiness Tool

Is it possible to achieve happiness quickly and easily? If so, how do I achieve happiness in a fast, easy way? And how can I achieve happiness that lasts, without as many unhappy mood swings?

First, learn about the 7 simple things that will make you happy. Then, be sure to do them every day, and to save what you've done with the AG Happiness Tool. 

Wait a minute. 

Why do this? Why create a saved record of what you've done to become happier? How does this help you achieve happiness any faster or easier?

How to achieve personal happiness faster and easier with greater awareness

Again, the reason for saving (and tracking) everything you do to become happier is that greater awareness naturally increases your success with becoming happier.

Indeed, the more you are aware of what you're doing to be happier:

  1. The easier it is for you to see a causal relationship between your actions and how happy you are
  2. The more you naturally eliminate the mystery of why you're happy or not
  3. The more you naturally, consistently do things to achieve greater happiness
  4. Therefore, the more you naturally stay happy consistently 
  5. Also, the more you naturally feel successful and create a sense of accomplishment, as you are able to look over all the things you've done to be happier (all your happiness achievements)

All of these things increase your success in becoming happier, help you achieve greater happiness faster and easier, and help you to stay happy consistently. (So this is how to achieve long term happiness in a simple, easy, effective way.)

Much like a person who seems to "magically" have an easier time staying in a desired weight range, simply by weighing himself and recording his weight every day, you will also seem to "magically" achieve happiness faster and easier by saving your daily happiness achievements every day and being able to track them whenever you want.

Although, if you understand why tracking your happiness achievements benefits you so much, you'll know that it isn't "magic", since you'll appreciate all the reasons why it helps you achieve happiness faster and easier. 

Begin achieving happiness today

Are there any other steps to achieve happiness? Any other tips for achieving happiness faster and easier?

Learn by doing. 

In just ten minutes today (10 minutes!) you can do a combination of 7 things that will make you much happier in life. Do those 7 things every day for a week, and just see for yourself how much better and happier you feel. 

So right now, start achieving greater happiness in life by giving yourself credit for any of the 7 things you've done to become happier today

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How To Achieve Happiness & Stay Happy Consistently