What Is Positive Thinking & Does It Work?

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Positive thinking is a way thinking that benefits you, since:

For example, let's say that you're sad, miserable, or depressed, and you want to be happy. The positive thought 'I can become happy' will naturally help you become happier.

Here's why.

  • When you think, 'I can become happy', and you believe it, you are naturally more confident in yourself and your abilities
  • You are also naturally more motivated and energized to take action to achieve greater happiness, since you believe you can achieve it
  • The result is that you predictably have more success becoming happy, and that you naturally become happier faster and easier due to the positive effects of this thought

Continuing with our example, if you feel sad, depressed, or unhappy, the positive thought 'I can become happy' will naturally help you feel better. 

Here's why.

  • When you think, 'I can become happy', and you believe it, you naturally feel stronger, more powerful, more capable, so you already feel better that way 
  • You also naturally have more confidence in yourself and your abilities; this leads to a greater sense of self worth, as well as greater peace of mind, since you believe that you can do something about your situation
  • This means that simply accepting and thinking the positive thought 'I can become happy' already naturally helps you feel better in many different ways; even if it doesn't instantly make you happy, it's certainly taking you in that direction

Once again, for our example, the moment you believe and accept the positive thought 'I can become happy', it's already helping you become happier faster and easier, and it's already helping you feel better.

It's important to appreciate that:

  • This makes such a positive thought useful to you, since it serves a beneficial purpose
  • The positive effects of a positive thought like this one are immediate, since the moment you think the thought it's already affecting you in some way
  • When you consider how positive thoughts like this one immediately improve your life, it is both sensible and intelligent to deliberately think positively for your own good

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Also, it is helpful to appreciate that positive thinking is not a right or wrong way of thinking. Instead, it's a useful and very sensible way of thinking.  Learn more.

Positive thinking is useful, not 'right'

The overall defining characteristic of positive thinking is that it is useful & immediately improves your life. This distinguishes positive thinking from other types of thinking that are useless and do not improve your life in any way. 

However, this does not mean that positive thinking is the 'right' way to think. Only that it's useful. 

Is the glass half full or half empty?

To understand this, consider the classic example of looking at a glass, and thinking of it as either half full or half empty. 

It's neither right nor wrong to look at the glass as either half full or half empty. 

However, if looking at the glass as half full naturally makes you feel happier, while looking at the glass as half empty naturally makes you feel depressed, then what is the most sensible way of looking at the glass?

Positive thinking is sensible

For this example, if you want to be happy, it makes sense to look at the glass as half full rather than half empty. 

After all, this is a more useful, beneficial thing to do, and it's a completely valid and acceptable way of thinking. So, even though it's not 'right', it's clearly a very sensible way of thinking about things, every way you look at it.

This example captures the essence of what positive thinking is all about: identifying acceptable, valid ways of thinking that are useful and beneficial, and, therefore, also very sensible in every way.

Right now, see for yourself how quickly and easily you can start thinking more positively. 

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