All I Really Want Is To Be Happy

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I don't want to be sad anymore. I just want to be happy again and enjoy life.

If you want to feel happy, that's great. In fact, it's crucial for becoming a happier person!

But why do you want to become happy rather than being sad or unhappy? That's just as important.

All I want is to be happy because...

By far, the most poweful and important step for becoming happier is to clearly know:

  • Why you want to stop feeling sad or unhappy
  • Why you want to become happier & stay happy consistently

This is the most important step because this is how you get your mind fully on board to help you become happier, rather than having your mind actively work against you.

Your mind is your business partner

Think of your mind as being your business partner. To your mind, maybe it's "business as usual" to be sad, depressed, and unhappy, and becoming happier and staying happy is a new type of venture. 

The question, for your mind, is this: why is it worth the time, effort, and energy to stop being unhappy and to become happier?

If you can clearly answer this question, and instruct your mind why there's little or no value in being sad or unhappy, while there's lots of value in becoming happier and staying happy...

Then it's a "no-brainer" for your mind: of course becoming happier and staying happy is the way to go! And with this kind of a clear understanding, your mind is fully on board to help you become happier.

This is how you enjoy becoming happier a billion times faster and easier, with your mind's full support and cooperation.

But what if your mind's not convinced?

On the other hand, if you don't instruct your mind why it's a great idea to stop being sad and unhappy and become happier...

Then you won't have your mind's support or cooperation. Instead, your mind will carry on with "business as usual".

This means that, at best, your mind won't help you, and it will be more challenging to become happier. And, at worst, your mind will actively work against you and undermine your efforts, making the process of becoming happier a never-ending struggle.

The lesson: make happiness a no-brainer to get your mind's full support and cooperation. This is by far the smartest, most important, and most powerful thing you can do.

Making happiness a no-brainer

The way to make happiness a no-brainer for your mind is to clearly understand:

With this kind of an understanding, it's very clear to your mind why stopping being unhappy and becoming happier is a great thing to do in every way. So it's a no-brainer for your mind to help you become happier.

What if becoming happier isn't a no-brainer?

If you've considered the effects of unhappiness on your life vs. the effects of happiness on your life, and becoming happier and staying happy consistently still isn't a no-brainer to you...

Don't worry.

The main thing, in this case, is to at least clearly understand why becoming happier and staying consistently happy is of value to you. This understanding will be enough to get your brain's attention that this is something worth considering and pursuing further. 

Now complete this achievement by taking steps to instruct your mind why you want to stop being unhappy and to become happier and stay happy consistently. This helps you get your mind's support and cooperation, which makes the process of becoming happier a billion times faster, easier, and more enjoyable.

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