How To Build Self Confidence: 3 Easy Ways

No matter how self confident you are, you are always able to build up even greater confidence in yourself.

Indeed, even if you're already the most self confident person the world has ever seen, you can still do things to become even more confident in yourself and your abilities.

In other words, there is no limit to how confident you can become over the course of your lifetime.

So, rather than approaching confidence building as something that you're just doing at this moment in time, approach confidence building as something inherently rewarding you get to do for the rest of your life, and appreciate that you can become more and more self confident with every day you live and breathe.

This leads to a natural question: so how do you build confidence?

How to build confidence in yourself: 3 ways

No matter how self confident you, the three basic ways of becoming more self confident remain the same.

Click on each way for building up confidence in yourself to learn more about it.

  1. Develop higher self esteem  

The more positive value you see in yourself and your abilities, the more confident you are in your value to yourself and others.

Remember, when you are self confident, you feel good about yourself and your capabilities, and in order to feel good about yourself and your capabilities, you've got to see positive value in yourself and your capabilities.

The more positive value you see, the higher your confidence level naturally rises; this is why developing higher self esteem is so important for becoming more self confident.

Of course, the big question is this: how do you develop higher self esteem?

The short answer is that seeing more positive value in yourself and your abilities is how to build confidence and self esteem, and that you can look forward to learning how to do this more easily and more effectively.

For now, however, the most important thing to appreciate is the general overview: the higher your self esteem, the higher your self confidence. So, one of the most effective ways of building your self confidence is to develop and improve your self esteem.

  1. Develop your capabilities  

Capablities are what you can do, and the more you appreciate, strengthen, and increase what you can do, the more self confident you become.

Remember, self confidence ultimately comes from your capabilities: specifically, your capability to think positively about yourself and your abilities, regardless of whether anyone else does.

So, if you've already deliberately taken steps to believe in yourself more, then you're already using and developing your capabilities, since you are clearly using your mental capabilities in a way that creates greater self confidence.

Of course, you have much more than just mental capabilities: for example, you have physical capabilities, social capablities, acquired skills, and so on.

The basic idea is that the more you appreciate, use, strengthen, and increase your different capabilities, the more self confident you become.

  • For example, let's say you appreciate that you are capable of becoming a good swimmer, because you have arms, legs, and the capability to learn how to swim. 
  • By just knowing that you can become a good swimmer, you already have self confidence, even if you've never swum before in your life.
  • Then, once you learn how to swim, and you get in a pool and swim from one side to the other, you prove that you already know how to swim, and your confidence in your capabilities naturally increases. 
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  • Furthermore, the more you practice, and the better you get at swimming, the more confident you become in your swimming abilities.
  • In this way, by appreciating, using, and developing your capabilities, you naturally become more and more self confident over time.
  •  So, if you're wondering, 'How can I build my confidence?', this is another powerful way to increase your self confidence. 

  1. Strengthen the self confidence you already have, so that it remains no matter what  

The more you are confident in your self worth and your capabilities in all sorts of different situations, and the more your confidence level remains consistent, rather than fluctuating, the more self confident you are.

An important part of being a self confident person is being able to remain self confident in different situations without ever losing confidence in yourself.

For example, if you have a very high level of self esteem and self confidence when you're with people who love and support you, but you immediately feel like a loser and have low self confidence the moment you're surrounded by people who don't like you, your self confidence is not nearly as strong as it could be, since it heavily depends on your environment.

The idea, here, is to recognize that if you have self confidence in some situations (but not others), to deliberately take action so that you retain your self confidence no matter what.

For this example, you could learn how to keep your high self esteem, even if you're surrounded by people who hate you. 

By doing so, you strengthen your self confidence, since it's clearly less dependent on your environment, and you now have a stronger degree of self confidence that you can rely on to help you in any situation.

Again, click on each way for building self confidence to learn more about it.

What builds confidence: taking action

Now that you now know the three basic ways in which to build greater self confidence, it's simply a matter of actually taking action to increase your self confidence.

You can take mental action to build your self confidence (like believing in yourself and your ability to achieve things you want to achieve), or you can take physical action to build your self confidence (like giving a speech in public, and proving that you are fully capable of doing this).

For the best results, do a combination of both mental and physical actions to improve your self confidence, since this is the fastest, easiest, most effective, and most rewarding way to become a more self confident person overall.

How to build your self confidence intelligently

For now, however, a smart strategy is to initially focus on building confidence by taking mental action rather than physical action, especially if you currently have a low degree of self confidence. 

Here's why: the more you build up a strong degree of confidence mentally, the easier it becomes for you to take physical action later, as well as have a positive experience taking physical action.

For example, the more you build up your self confidence mentally, so that you know you can remain calm and confident doing something like speaking in public, the easier it is for you to deliver your first public speech, and to enjoy the experience of speaking in public more. 

For this reason, you will next learn how to improve your thinking so that you're able to remain calm and confident in different situations, rather than ever lose your self confidence due to fear or anxiety.

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