How To Believe In Yourself To Create Self Confidence

If you already know what self confidence is and why you want to become more self confident, the next step is to learn how to develop greater confidence in yourself.

If you ask people how you can achieve this, a very common answer is:

Just believe in yourself. That's the key to self confidence.

But what does it mean to believe in yourself?

If you believe in yourself, this simply means you believe that you are someone of positive value, and you also believe you are capable of achieving things you want to achieve, like personal goals, hopes, and dreams.

As simple as it sounds, just by having these kinds of beliefs, you are naturally a more self confident person, and therefore also happier and more successful.

For this reason, it greatly benefits you to believe in yourself by developing positive beliefs about yourself and your capabilities. 

How to believe in yourself: 3 beliefs to develop

There are 3 beliefs in particular that are very important for you to have, in order to believe in yourself and become more self confident.

Click on each belief about yourself to learn more about how it helps create greater self confidence, and why it makes sense to think it.

  1. Believe that you are someone of positive value  

This helps you have high self esteem, which is a crucial ingredient for being self-confident.

To believe that you are someone of positive value, you've got to first notice and appreciate positive qualities about yourself that you like and enjoy.

For example, you could reflect upon your intelligence, your sense of humor, your positive outlook on life, what a good friend you are, how reliable and trustworthy you are, and so on. 

It's important to do this, because appreciating these positive qualities is how you can naturally and sensibly believe that you are someone of positive value.

In case you object to doing this for any reason, remember: just like you can see a glass as half empty or half full, you can notice a lot of negative qualities about yourself that you dislike, or you can notice a lot of positive qualities about yourself that you appreciate and enjoy. 

It is neither right nor wrong to do one or the other; they are both valid different ways of thinking about yourself. 

But here's the thing: focusing on your negative qualities naturally makes you miserabe and drains your self confidence.

Inversely, focusing on your positive qualities naturally makes you happier and more confident, especially since it leads you to rationally believe that you are someone of positive value. 

So, given that it's equally valid to examine yourself in negative ways or positive ways, it just makes way more sense to examine yourself in a positive way that helps you rather than a negative way that hurts you.

This is the intelligent lesson that makes it both easy and sensible for you to believe that you are someone of positive value.

  1. Believe that you can or will achieve things you want to achieve  

This makes you feel stronger and more powerful, which is another crucial ingredient of self confidence.

To develop this belief, it's important that you recognize that you can achieve things you want to achieve, even if you're not guaranteed to achieve them.

For example, when a confident baseball player steps up to the plate, he always knows, without a doubt, that he can hit the baseball and get on base, even if the probability is statistically against him. 

In this case, it would be perfectly valid, but useless and self destructive, for a baseball player stepping up to the plate to think that he probably won't get a hit.

Here's why: this valid, negative thought naturally drains his self confidence and predictably makes him less successful up at the plate. (Among other things, the baseball player isn't as motivated to swing for the ball, due to thinking he probably won't hit it.)

Inversely, the positive belief that he can hit the ball, no matter what the odds might be, naturally makes him feel stronger, more confident, and predictably makes him more successful. (Among other things, he's more likely to swing for the ball.)

The lesson here, is that to believe in yourself, it's imperative to believe that you at least can achieve things you want to achieve, even if the statistics aren't in your favor. 

Of course, it's even better to believe that you undoubtedly will achieve the things you want to achieve, with enough time, effort, and perseverance, but it already suffices to simply believe that you can achieve things.

  1. Believe that you can or will continue to value yourself and your capabilities, no matter what  

This helps you maintain the self-confidence that you already have, so that you consistently stay self-confident rather than ever lose confidence in yourself.

Have you ever felt extremely self confident one moment, and then felt like you had no self confidence the next moment?

If so, then you've experienced how quickly your self confidence level can change from one moment to the next. 

Of course, there's not anything wrong with this type of a change in your confidence level. Rather, the lesson is that part of becoming a very self confident person is to not only attain greater levels of self confidence, but to also be able to maintain a high level of self confidence, no matter what occurs. 

To achieve this strong, high level of self confidence, it's important to develop the belief that you can or will continue to value yourself and your capabilities:

  • regardless of what others think of you
  • regardless of how much money you have, or what material possessions you have
  • regardless of what your situation or circumstances are

If you know without a doubt that you will continue to value yourself and your capabilities, no matter what, regardless of the above types of situations listed above, then you are very self confident, indeed.

And this is ultimately what you want to aim for, if you want to become a person of very strong self confidence, where your self confidence is never lost and not easily shaken.

Again, click on each belief to learn more about the value of believing in yourself, as well as how it helps make you more self confident.

Why is it important to always believe in yourself?

Again, the whole purpose of believing in yourself is that it is a way in which you create greater self confidence.

So, assuming that you already know what self confidence is and why you want to be more self confident, you now how everything it takes to become more self confident: 

  • A clear goal: become more self confident (and thereby feel better about yourself and your capabilities)
  • A desire to achieve being more self confident (this is your fuel, which motivates and propels you towards achieving greater self confidence)
  • And, now, step by step knowledge of how to become more self confident, by believing in yourself (you do this by deliberately cultivating three important, powerful beliefs that create greater self confidence)

You can make these positive beliefs natural and automatic for you, by simply appreciating why they benefit you, as well as why they make complete sense to accept, and deciding that these are things that you now choose to believe for your own good.

Once you've done this, you've already achieved exactly what you wanted to achieve: being a more self confident person.

Yes, it really is that easy to become more self confident!

How self confident do you want to become?

Of course, there's more to self confidence than just this; while believing in yourself helps create self confidence, there are other things you can also do to become even more self confident faster and easier. 

It's really just a question of how self confident you want to become, since no matter how self confident you are, you can always grow in self confidence.

So if you want to build even more self confidence, the next step is to just learn how to do so.

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