How To Be More Positive: Original Explanation

Recommendation: read How To Think Postively & Stay Positive: 6 Steps, which is the updated version of this.

How to think positive thoughts: 3 steps

Click on each step to learn how to start thinking positively faster and easier.

1. Understand why positive thinking is of great value to you

Positive thinking is always of great value, because it:

  • Helps you achieve something you want
  • Helps you feel better
  • Adds positive value to your life and has an overall positive impact

By understanding this, you increase your mind's motivation to think positively, which is how to start thinking positive thoughts faster and easier.

See 10 benefits of positive thinking

Positive thinking can:

  1. Make life more worthwhile to you
  2. Increase your self confidence
  3. Increase your self esteem
  4. Increase your happiness and enjoyment
  5. Increase your feelings of power and strength
  6. Increase your peace of mind
  7. Make you feel more energized
  8. Make you more successful
  9. Make you have more enjoyable social interactions
  10. Improve your quality of sleep and positively affect your health

When you think about the combined impact of all of these positive thinking benefits, it becomes clear why there is a strong link between positive thoughts and happiness.

2. Understand why positive thinking makes sense

It is important to consider positive thoughts and determine whether they are true or valid.

Here’s why: once your mind sees that a positive thought is true or valid, your mind naturally is receptive to the positive thought, so it’s easy to accept it and start thinking positively.

Even better, the more your mind understands why a positive thought is clearly true or valid, the more your mind thinks positively on a deeper level, with complete confidence and no doubts.

So reasoning and using your intellect are your friends: this is how to rewire your brain to think positively on a very deep level.

Valid and useful perspectives and opinions

Often, different ways of thinking are just a matter of perspective, and you can consider negative and positive perspectives to be equally valid. The classic example is a glass that you can consider half empty or half full.

The difference is that a negative perspective is useless and can harm you, while a positive perspective is useful and will benefit you.

So, with different equally valid perspectives, it always makes sense to choose the useful positive perspective instead of the useless negative perspective.

This understanding enables you to think more and more positively in an intelligent manner, where you always accept positive thoughts that are valid and useful, and always reject negative thoughts that are valid but useless (or even harmful).

True and useful facts

There are useful truths and facts that will benefit you, and there are useless truths and facts that will never benefit you. Positive thinking is firmly in the useful camp.

For example, it might be true and valid to think that you’ve failed to achieve a lot of things that you want to achieve; this might be a fact. But it’s also true and valid to think that you can achieve a lot of things that you want to achieve; this is another fact.

Here’s the difference between these two facts:

  • Dwelling on how you’ve failed makes you feel bad, hurts your self confidence, and kills your energy and motivation to take action... So it becomes more challenging for you to act and to achieve the things you want to achieve. (The predictable result: less success, if any.)
  • Thinking that you can achieve the things you want to achieve lifts your spirits, increases your self confidence, and increases your energy and motivation to take action... So it becomes easier for you to act and to achieve the things you want to achieve. (The predictable result: an easier time succeeding and more success.)  

The lesson: it always makes sense to accept positive, useful truths and facts that benefit you, and to reject negative, useless truths and facts that don’t benefit you. 

This understanding helps you think more positively in an intelligent manner, where you always accept useful truths and facts, and always reject useless truths and facts, since you appreciate that it takes more than something just being true or factual for it to be worth keeping. 

Beneficial + valid or true = completely sensible

The most powerful way to think positively is to appreciate how a positive thought benefits you, and also understand why a positive thought is true or valid. 

A positive thought that satisfies these two criteria is good for you in every conceivable way, and is also completely sensible and worth keeping.

By appreciating how this type of thought is fantastic every way you look at it, your brain naturally assigns a high value to these types of thoughts. This makes it very easy to think positive and to stay positive.

So always be sure to focus on identifying these kinds of positive thoughts and to appreciate their value to your life. 

3. Decide to change your thinking after achieving this understanding

You have the power to choose to think positively and to stay positive. The catch is that this choice is only effective once you understand:

  • Why a positive thought is of great value to you
  • Why it completely makes sense to think the positive thought

This is because your brain will continue thinking in other ways that it values and that makes sense to it, until you teach it – via this type of understanding – why this positive thought is much more valuable and sensible and therefore an upgrade worth doing.

The lesson: first understand the importance of positive thinking, and why you want to think a positive thought. Then decide to think positively. This gets your brain's cooperation and helps you stay positive easily.


To learn how to think more positively and stay positive,  enter a positive thought into the positive thinking tool.

You will be guided through each of the 3 steps for thinking more positively and staying positive, so that you can naturally think your specific positive thought without ever having to remind yourself to think that way. 

This is how to rewire your brain for positivity in a simple, easy, effective way, so that you can effortlessly enjoy your positive thought and its positive benefits.

Positive thinking exercises to keep your thoughts positive

People keep telling me I need a more positive attitude. Does positive thinking work?

Instead of trying to find the answer to this question in positive thinking articles (which will all tell you that it does work), the best way to answer this question is to just take steps to improve your positive thinking skills, and see for yourself whether positive thinking works for you or not. 

Here is one of the most advanced -- and also easiest! -- positive thinking techniques that you will ever find.

  1. Enter positive self talk statements or positive thinking affirmations that you would like to naturally be on your mind into the positive thinking tool. (For example, enter in some of your favorite positive daily affirmations or some of your favorite positive affirmations for success, if you have any.) 
  2. The AG Positive Thinking Tool will help make theses types of thoughts natural and automatic for you, step by step.

This is how to have a more positive outlook on life very quickly. And the faster you begin developing a positive attitude, the faster you can see for yourself how much positive thinking benefits you. 

How to be positive: more positive thinking tips & resources

In addition to the AG Positive Thinking Tool, the AG Feel Good Tool and the AG Positive Thinking Program will also teach you how to have a positive mindset, and how to start replacing negative thoughts with positive ones.

Just choose whichever resource you think will help you the most.

How to stay positive and happy

I know that positive thinking can make me feel better, but I can't say what that positive thinking is. How can I make my thinking positive, and how can I maintain a positive attitude, if I don't even know what positive thoughts to think?

Many people encounter this very challenge. If this is your case, use the AG Feel Good Tool. 

Just enter in a situation that you want to feel better about, and the tool will identify common positive ways of thinking that make you feel better as well as how to think those positive thoughts so that you feel better faster and easier. 

How can I be a positive thinker in general?

I want to be a positive person overall and have a positive mental attitude that helps me in life. How can I build a positive attitude, and how can I get a more positive outlook on life in general?

If this sounds like your situation, do the AG Positive Thinking Program. 

Among other things, you will learn:

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