How To Be Calm And Confident All The Time

The more confident you are, the more calm and relaxed you are, and the more calm and relaxed you are, the easier it is for you to remain confident.

For this reason, very self confident people are often thought of as being calm, cool, and collected under pressure. Not only does their self confidence make them feel more calm and relaxed in high pressure situations, but feeling more calm and relaxed helps them stay confident.

The lesson, here, is that if you want to be a more confident person who enjoys a more peaceful, more stress-free life, then it's in your best interest to deliberately create greater self confidence that helps you feel more calm and relaxed all the time.

Learn how to calm yourself down fast

So how do you create greater self confidence that naturally makes you feel more calm, comfortable, and relaxed all the time?

The fastest, most powerful, and most effective way to do this overall is to learn how to eliminate negative thinking that creates feelings of fear and anxiety, and instead, learn how to think positive thoughts that make you feel more confident and help you enjoy greater peace of mind.

This is a fairly big answer, however, so let's narrow it down: what is the single most powerful belief that can help you feel more confident, calm, and relaxed in any situation?

How to calm nerves & be more confident with 1 belief

Believe that you can always accept, handle, learn, gain, and benefit from any situation or outcome, for as long as you live.

The overall idea behind this belief is that as long as you're still alive and kicking, you can always find a way to constructively deal with any situation or outcome, so that you benefit from it in some way.

With this powerful belief:

  • You're much more self confident, so you're naturally happier and more successful as a result
  • You enjoy greater peace of mind that makes you more calm and relaxed
  • You become stronger and more self confident over time, the more you accept, handle, learn, gain and benefit from different outcomes or situations

Why it makes sense to believe this

Besides the obvious, powerful benefits, it also makes complete sense to adopt this belief for the following 5 reasons:

  1. You can accept anything if you want to: this is simply a choice  

Every situation or outcome you encounter is something that you can accept, if you want.

Indeed, whether you accept it or not is simply a choice, and you can always make this choice to accept it, if you'd like.

It's important to appreciate this, because it's common for people to feel weak and powerless, since they believe they simply 'can't' accept certain things. Of course, when you feel weak and powerless, you have less confidence in yourself and your abilities, and you naturally suffer from greater stress and anxiety.

Inversely, simply by recognizing that you can accept any situation, outcome, or experience naturally makes you feel stronger, more powerful, and more confident. This, in turn, naturally always makes you feel more calm and relaxed.

Furthermore, if you accept whatever happens it gives you greater peace of mind, and this peace of mind enables you to handle whatever happens in a much more calm, relaxed, confident manner.

So, not only does it makes sense to recognize that you always can accept anything, if you choose to do so, but it also makes sense to exercise that choice intelligently, for your own good and well-being.

  1. You will handle every situation or outcome you experience, one way or another: the only question is how  

No matter what situation or outcome occurs, you are already handling it, whether you like it or not, because you are already dealing with it in some way. 

So, the only question is how you want to handle it.

For example, you can handle any outcome or situation in a way that makes you feel miserable and weakens you, or in a way that makes you feel better and strengthens you.

The intelligent lesson: since you're always going to handle situations or outcomes you experience in some way, it makes sense to always choose to handle them in a way that makes you feel more calm, confident, and powerful and helps you grow stronger as a result of the experience rather than weaker.

  1. You can learn from any situation or outcome you experience in a constructive, beneficial way  

No matter what situation or outcome you experience, you can learn from it in a constructive, beneficial way, and by doing so, you handle the situation or outcome in a positive way that benefits you rather than harms you.

For example, no matter what happens, you can learn that you can always continue to think positively about yourself and your capabilities, no matter what has occurred, and no matter how others might like you to think.

From this, you can emerge always feeling stronger, more powerful, and even more confident from situations where others might be crushed.

Appreciating this is how to calm down when nervous, especially since it helps you look forward to enjoying the benefits of an outcome or situation, rather than feeling nervous about hypothetical dangers or threats.

Indeed, not only is this how to calm down quickly, but it's also how to start enjoying every moment of your life more.

  1. What you constructively learn helps you gain and benefit from your experience in some way, rather than be weakened by it  

It's important to appreciate that what you learn and how you learn from any situation or outcome determines whether you will gain and benefit from it or not. 

You can learn negatively

For example, you could walk into a room, and everyone could laugh at you and tell you what an awful person you are.

From this, you could learn that you 'must' be a bad person, and that it's a terrible experience to be around people who laugh at you and don't like you. 

The effect: in the future, you're more likely to feel afraid and anxious being around other people, particularly people who might not like you for whatever reason. 

You can learn positively

Or, you could walk into the same room, have the same experience of people laughing at you and telling you what an awful person you are, and learn how easily you can continue thinking positively about yourself and your capabilities, regardless of whether you're surrounded by people who hate you.

The effect: in the future, you're even more calm, relaxed, and confident being around other people, even people who you know don't like you, because you know, without a doubt, that you can easily handle this and it's no big deal at all. 

So what did you learn?

The takeaway is that what you learn and how you learn from from every experience or outcome has an effect on your life.

So, if you want to be someone who is more calm, relaxed, and confident, deliberately choose to learn from situations and outcomes in a way that creates and strengthens this effect.

Furthermore, it's important to appreciate that it is not 'wrong' to learn in a way that works against you and makes your life worse, or 'right' to learn in a way that benefits you and makes your life better.

Rather, it's clearly smarter, more enjoyable, and better for you in every way to learn in a constructive way, which is why it's a no-brainer to do so, given that you have a choice in how you can learn from every outcome or situation.

  1. You have free will, so it makes sense to use your mind in a way that makes you stronger rather than weaker  

Even if you're in a situation that most people would consider a living nightmare, you can still use your mind in a way that makes you stronger rather than weaker.

For example, even if you're beaten and tortured, and told that you're worthless, you can learn that you have the capability to continue valuing yourself and believing in yourself, even in these circumstances.

From this, you can gain clear proof of how powerful and capable you are, and ultimately benefit from this experience in some way, by feeling more powerful than ever.

Or, you could go through this experience, and negatively learn that life is awful, pointless, worthless, and so on, and not gain or benefit from this experience in any way; indeed, you could emerge from this experience suicidal and deeply depressed.

It's important to appreciate that it's neither right nor wrong to emerge from this experience either stronger or weaker. 

Rather, it's a question of what you want and prefer, and it makes sense to always want to be better off rather than worse off as the result of any situation, outcome, or experience in your life, no matter how 'bad' it might be. 

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How can I calm my nerves & have more confidence in myself today?

Right now, you have an opportunity to believe in yourself more than ever, and to immediately reap the benefits from doing so.

So, for your own good, and to immediately improve your life and become a more calm, confident, relaxed person, adopt this belief that you've just learned about as one of your very own personal beliefs. 

Do this by recognizing how much this belief benefits you, as well as why it's a valid, acceptable belief that completely makes sense every way you look at it. 

Once you've done this, consciously choose to accept you can, indeed, accept, handle, learn, gain, and benefit from any outcome or situation in some way, for as long as you live.

Then, look forward to doing so.

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