How To Become Happy & Stay Happy

I am sad and unhappy with life right now. How can I stop being so unhappy all the time? And how can I find happiness and become a happier person who enjoys life more?

The fastest way to become happier is to learn how to get rid of negative thoughts that make you feel miserable, and how to think more positive thoughts that make you feel better, instead. This is because how you think immediately affects how you feel.

Just think about it.

Whenever you have dark, negative thoughts, don’t you tend to feel bad?

And whenever you have uplifting, positive thoughts, don’t you tend to feel great?

The lesson, here, is that your thoughts instantly affect your emotions. So when you change the way you think, you also change the way you feel.

Two easy ways to become happier

Right now, you've got two options for helping you change the way you think, so that you feel happier faster and easier.

If you want to feel better about a specific situation, use the AG Feel Good Tool. (For example, you might want to use this tool to feel better about losing your job, or about getting in a fight with someone.)

But if you want to become a happier person overall, continue with the AG Happiness Program.

This is a great way to change your life for the better, since the program teaches you step by step how to make big improvements in your thinking so that you naturally become a much happier person. (This is how to stop feeling sad or unhappy and start being happier in life very quickly.) 

How to be happy: always appreciate the power of your thoughts

There are a variety of things you can do to become happier, including getting more exercise, enjoying sunlight every day, and getting plenty of sleep each night. 

And as you make progress with the AG Happiness Program, you will learn the value of these things that help make you happy.

But the secret of happiness (if there is, indeed, such a thing as any secret to happiness), is to appreciate that improving your thinking is by far the most important factor for getting rid of sadness, becoming happier, and staying happy consistently. 

Why is that?

Well, because if you think like a miserable, unhappy, depressed person, you're going to remain a miserable, unhappy, depressed person, no matter what else you do!

For example, even if you get tons of exercise every day, plenty of sunlight, and also plenty of sleep... If you continue thinking in miserable ways, you're going to remain miserable, and all the exercise, sunlight, and sleep in the world won't change that. 

But the inverse is also true: if you develop a stronger, happier, more positive mindset, you can be happy no matter what. And that's why it's so important to focus on improving your thinking, if you want to overcome sadness and be happier. 

How to find happiness in life: the first steps

By learning to appreciate the power and importance of your thoughts, you've already taken a big step towards becoming happier. 

Here are the next most important steps for you to take:

  1. Be optimistic about becoming happier (at the very least, be open to the possibility that you can become happier)
  2. Clearly know why you want to be happier, so that it's a no-brainer for your mind to help you
  3. Learn how to choose to be happy & take a shortcut to happiness

Just by completing these 3 steps, you'll already be much happier than you are right now, and you'll find it much easier to be happy.

The key to happiness: know how to achieve happiness

The biggest obstacle to becoming happier is not knowing what steps to take to be happy. But you don't have that problem, since this program walks you through this process step by step, teaching you easy ways to be happier. 

Among other things, you will soon learn:

With this guidance, and plenty of tips to be happy along the way, it’s very simple and easy to learn how to be happy in life.

Just try it for yourself and see.

Complete this achievement by getting credit for reading this information, and then move on to the next achievement.

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